3- The Old Cobblers Souk 1- Dany Chamoun Square 4- The Palace of Emir Younes Maan. (Brother of Fakhreddine II the Great) 15- The Martyrs Memorial 6- The Synagogue 7- The Kaïsariyyeh 8- The Kharj 9- The Emir Ahmed Chehab (Gergis Baz) Palace 17- The Palace of Emir Youssef Chehab 14- The Church of Saïdet El Talle 2- The Mosque of Fakhreddine Ist Maan 10- The Serail of Emir Fakhreddine II Maan 11- The Palace of Nicolas El Turk 12- El-Kobbeh Mausoleum 16- The Hall of the Pillar 18- The Fountain of Oum Nicolas 22- The Shalout Fountain
13- The Chapel of the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception 19- The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary 20- The Church of Saint Elie 21- The Church of Saïdet El-Fakira

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